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Signs Of Gas Leakage In Your Air Conditioner?

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Our air conditioner is made of complex machinery, to understand it you must know the components and other essential things in the air conditioner. Like every machinery air conditioner also uses a type of fuel to cool down the coils. However, unlike fuel, you don’t have to refill the gas, rather it’s filled once and runs throughout the air conditioning system, this gas is Freon. Freon when reacts with high-pressure air turns cool and passed through the coil, when the coil gets cool it’s thrown out by the blower. This gas is also known as a refrigerant when there is a leakage in the air conditioning system, the air conditioner can not cool the premises. If the leakage is not fixed, it can damage the compressor.

In this blog, you’ll read signs of refrigerant leakage, when you notice these signs turn off your air conditioner and call professional air conditioning services.

Slow Airflow

When the leakage happens the fins are blocked by ice, this causes slow movement of air. You’ll feel that the air is not properly coming out from the blower. This is the sign of gas leakage, check the settings, if the blower is working the same in every blower setting, low, medium or high.

Air Conditioner Gas Leakage
Air Conditioner Gas Leakage

Warm Air Coming From Blower

Take your hand close to register and notice if the air coming out from the air conditioner is warm or not cold at all. In the beginning, the air conditioner does not blow cold air instantly, generally, after half a minute the compressor starts the operation and blows out cool air. If the air conditioner is not blowing the cool air even after a minute, then it’s a sign of refrigerant leakage.

Ice Build-Up On the Fins or Copper Lining on Air Conditioner

Refrigerant leakage causes ice build up on the fins of the air conditioning inside panel and copper lining. If you see any ice build-up inside the air conditioning, then it’s a confirmed sign that there’s refrigerant leakage.

As a result of gas leakage, your house will take longer to cool or not gets cool at all. This can be very problematic, freon is a poisonous gas and can make humans sick. So, if you notice any of these signs it’s suggested to call professional air conditioning repair services.

What To Do In Case Of Gas Leakage in Air Conditioner

In case of gas leakage first, confirm that the cause behind failed air conditioner operation is gas leakage. Once you’re sure, turn off the air conditioning and do not turn on, check people around you and see if they have any of these symptoms:

– Dizziness

– Nausea

– Trouble breathing

– Fluid buildup in the lungs

In case there are these symptoms in your family, seek medical assistance immediately.
Then, call air conditioning repair services, at Just Air we have experienced and skilled technicians, they do the Air Conditioning gas leakage repair work with proficiency. We have provided them with the right tools so that they can deliver the best air conditioning repair services. Call us now or Book Us for quality air conditioning services.